Summit FFA Resist

$63.65 ex GST

Want to keep the large sweet spot found on a 12 panel ball? Then RESIST is the upgrade to what you will currently be using. Think of it as the top of the line 12 panel ball, for the price of a training ball. All the feel, control and punch of a more expensive ball, without the cost. The RESIST is a win-win for player can club.
Embossed 0.8mm Diamond PU
3.6mm soft touch EVA
12 Panel for big sweat spot
Synthetic rubber bladder with polyester winding
Over 6 weeks testing at correct competition pressure – Tested at 10PSI, this ball didnt go lower than 8PSI in that time. That is over 1000 hours without the need of further inflation! As a comparison, FIFA Pro balls (the top standard in football) only have to stay within range for 72 hours. We may not have the FIFA stamp on the ball, but we do have the results.

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